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Dixi is a new light that uses (10) high power Cree LEDs. “Dixi” (pronounced Deece) […]

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Dixi is a new light that uses (10) high power Cree LEDs. “Dixi” (pronounced Deece) is French for the number ten. In keeping with our whimsical product naming format, we came up with Dixi, pronounced Dicks-E.

Dixi incorporates two different beam patterns that can be used. There are three LEDs in the center and seven LEDs around the outside. The outside group is basically a Sevina pin spotlight using seven 8 degree optics. The center three LEDs use a Darla optic which provides a driving beam. But, the center light is more powerful than a Darla as we use the control circuit from a Krista!

When combined on full power, Dixi produces over 10,000 lumens each, that’s over 20,000 lumens per pair!

In the normal configuration, the center Darla optic has adjustable intensity via our rotary controller or via the Wonderwheel on certain late model BMW motorcycles. The outer spot pattern is activated when the high beam headlight is activated. So, the inner light is adjustable when your low beam headlight is on.


This light has great applications for use on many vehicles. As a single versatile light, it can be conspicuity light or a long-range driving light.



  • Center beam 30 watts, 3000 lumens, adjustable intensity
  • Outer beam 70 watts, 7000 lumens, on or off with high beam.
  • 5.3″ diameter
  • 10,000 total lumens each
  • 36 ounces
  • Fully dimmable
  • Custom tooled optics
  • CNC machined

Universal kit includes:

Pair of Dixi LED Lights

Universal motorcycle wiring harness with proprietary adjustable control

Universal mounting brackets with stainless steel hardware

 Perfect for:

  • Night driving
  • Backcountry
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Racing


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